The Artist Lab + Education of Los Angeles is an Afterschool Program developed from our flagship studio, The Artist Lab in Irvine, to serve the youth of greater Los Angeles communities.  The Artist Labs were created to bring communities together through the Arts & Education, and to keep Art alive in our collective families—passed down from history, nurtured in the present, and to continue growing creativity in the future generations to come. We believe Art is humanity’s most universal language, and important to prioritize in our daily lives.  It allows us to express, understand, show compassion, sustain, grow, and connect within our diverse cultures and interconnect global world. Art is necessary and crucial to gain a deeper understanding of one’s self, to pass down historical and cultural memories, to perceive beauty and what it means to be alive, to survive and solve problems, and grow as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong individuals.

The Artist Lab + Education is a highly refined Fine Art and Education Afterschool Program consisting of academic homework tutoring, a Healthy Snacks & Nutrition Program, and numerous diverse art practices taught to children, youth, and teens by our professional Fine Art educators from renowned art schools and all walks of life.  We specialize in Academic Tutoring, Drawing & Painting, Ceramic Sculpture, Sewing Art, Jewelry-Making & Design, Miniature Design, Paper Art, Wire Art, and Cardboard Construction. Within each specialty, we introduce and expose students to very unique and diverse forms of art mediums.  Each medium is crucial for students to unlock their potential, explore their creativity, develop their own interests, and to build a life-long passion of being an Artist and Learner in many different forms.


The unique aspect about The Artist Lab + Education Los Angeles branch that sets us apart from other afterschool programs is that we prioritize the needs of both academic excellence with the creative side of every child through our top-notch premier advanced Fine Art Education that is competitive with the best in all of Southern California.  We are advocates of Art & Education. We replicate the successful, intricate teaching methodologies developed from our advanced Irvine Studio in our Los Angeles branch to offer the diverse youth in LA the very best Fine Art education that our Orange County youth receives.  We believe that there is a creative Artist within our inner child, within every single one of us—from children to adults, to elders. As Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” As society introduces more advancements, challenges, and distractions, it is more important than ever to give our children the means of expression and creativity to thrive and endure throughout their lives.


The Artist Lab + Education believes in access to high-quality Art and Education for all children from all diverse backgrounds. We strive to build collective community—bridging diverse families, cultures, histories, and socio-economic gaps through our enriching Art + Education programs, outreach events, developing scholarship programs, donation efforts.  Within The Artist Lab + Education, children work and learn together and from one another in a cohesive, collaborative, and inclusive environment that advocates for community building, diversity, and equality.  We aim to elevate each other through the Arts and Education and appreciate each child’s own creativity that is tapped into the world’s collective beauty. We aspire to build future generations of creative, conscious, and compassionate artists and scholars that can better understand the diverse expressions of others and build creative sustaining worlds.