Academic Tutoring & After School Education:

The Artist Lab + Education in Los Angeles offers academic tutoring and academic programs. The Artist Lab Los Angeles prioritizes academic success for every single child.  We deeply understand the need for academic excellence for your child to thrive in this world. We know their success will help them to enter greater high schools, colleges, universities in order to build strong career paths for their future. The Artist Lab + Education offers a strong Afterschool Homework Tutoring and Academics Program.  Your child will have a snack break and then jump immediately into concentrating on their homework with the support and guidance of our professional Tutors & Educators.  They will have their daily homework thoroughly-checked and will be encouraged towards completion. They will also be challenged to read independently and to learn beyond their grade-level in a professional classroom setting.

We also offer our specialized 2-Hour Academic Classes, such as our Reading and Writing, and Mathematics Workshops, which meet at least once-a-week after homework is done, and are organized by grade level.