Adult Drawing and Painting Art Classes in Los Angeles

The Artist Lab + Education offers adult drawing and painting art classes in Los Angeles. Our adult drawing and painting art classes in Los Angeles specializes in drawing and painting.  This philosophy is a core component in all of our adult drawing and painting art classes in Los Angeles.  The goal of the adult drawing and painting art classes in Los Angeles is to master multiple advanced techniques using oil paint, such as composition, underpainting, blocking-in, building up textures, chiaroscuro, dry-brushing, glazing, grisaille, & triangulated drawing, from Master copies from the past and present. In our adult drawing and painting art classes in Los Angeles, students will be given the freedom to choose how to express themselves, w/ parameters put in place, creating their own interpretations & original work, including a multiple-sized canvas series. 

Our adult drawing and painting art classes in Los Angeles are designed for independent individuals who are passionate to learn more about Fine Art and want to express themselves through painting! In these advanced drawing and painting classes for adults in Los Angeles, students will have the opportunity to develop into fine artists by building a strong portfolio and will create beautiful works of art to exhibit, hang in their homes, or gift as special memory pieces. With the support of our professional teachers and accomplished artists, students are encouraged to develop their own aesthetics and style, all while affirming their skills to implement their artistic ideas and vision.

We welcome adults of all backgrounds and ability levels and provide a wide selection of beautiful images to select and start from. As they grow and become confident in their making, students are challenged to develop their own conceptual ideas, share their own stories and message as artists, and create meaningful works. In our adult drawing and painting class in Los Angeles, students are encouraged to research their own inspiration sources, and to compile, adapt, appropriate, translate, modify, and transform art into their own expressions. Through their ongoing projects and studies, the artists’ depth, appreciation, understanding of the arts, creativity, and conceptual development will expand, while boosting their technical skills.

Artists will strengthen their technical drawing, sketching, and rendering skills, such as complex shape building, brushstrokes, shading, highlights & shadow, perspective, compositions, color theory and mixing, layering, etc. Classes will offer a wide range of exercises, from sketching traditional still-life scenes to advancing to painting with oils on a large canvas. As students learn the unique properties and potential that each medium can offer, it will hasten an even deeper love of Fine Art that will continue to enrich their journey as creative and expressive individuals for the rest of their lives.

Our unique adult drawing and painting art classes were developed by Velvet Marshall. Velvet Marshall is a second-generation American painter and artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Originally trained in a classical, realistic style she later developed an appreciation for the more progressive work of painters both American and European from the modern abstract expressionist movement of the late 1950s and 1960s. This form of painting, known as “action painting,” had similar ties to the Surreal movement, in that it had a direct relation to the artist’s emotions, expression, and mood, and showcased the feeling behind the pieces they designed.  This fusion of freedom and expressionism in conjunction with utilizing classical Flemish and old master techniques developed in a modern way is the basis of Velvet Marshall’s style philosophy.


$20 Trial Adult Drawing and Painting Art Class Every Saturday 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM