Drawing and Painting Art Classes for Teens


The Artist Lab + Education specializes in drawing and painting art classes for teens in Los Angeles. In our drawing and painting art classes for teens in Los Angeles, we believe that self-expression and understanding emotional intelligence through the arts is one of the highest forms of intrinsic intelligence that human beings and all students are capable of. Our drawing and painting art classes for teens focuses on developing techniques to help students develop impressive portfolios. This philosophy is a core component in all of our drawing and painting art classes for teens in Los Angeles. Thus, the educators in our Fine Art Programs are all practicing artists from all walks of life who are passionate about sharing their gifts, knowledge, and talents with future generations in all of the teens art classes that we offer.

Our unique drawing and painting art classes for teens were developed at our highly refined Irvine fine art studio.  The Artist Lab + Education specializes in teen art classes including Fine Art, Drawing & Painting, Drawing & Painting for Real LIfe, Ceramic Sculpture, Competiton Prep, Digital Illustration, and Portfolio Development. Within each specialty of our art classes for teens, we introduce and expose students to very unique and diverse forms of art mediums, such as tempera paint, watercolors, gauche, acrylics, oil paints, pastels, graphite, charcoal, ink and pen, color pencils, markers, low-fire clay, glazes, different ceramic tools, needle, and thread, felt, knitting yarn, fabric patterns & textiles, colored polymer molding clay, beads, metal crafts, cardboard, card-stock paper, foam board, wood, popsicle sticks, pipe-cleaners, hot-glue, and much, much more!  In our drawing and painting art classes for teens, each medium is crucial for students to unlock their potential, explore their creativity, develop their own interests, and build a lifelong passion for being an Artist and Learner in many different forms.


Drawing and Painting Art Classes for Teens


Foundation Drawing and Painting

Our Foundation Art Drawing & Painting Program is inspired by the Classical Academy system and adapted for the contemporary young artist. The program emphasizes strengthening foundational skills and providing exposure to all types of drawing and painting that span different periods of art history from around the globe. This class is designed for ages 7 and older. 


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Independent Studies

This course is designed for the growing young artist with a passion for fine art, challenging them to develop their interests and conceptual ideas, and research to adapt, modify, and transform Art into their own. In these classes, students will have the opportunity to develop under professional art instructors and their guidance! Students will work to strengthen their technical skills and explore diverse mediums, including advancing to acrylics on canvas.


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Advanced Drawing and Painting

The Advanced Drawing & Painting Program is designed for students that have surpassed the level of our Foundation Drawing & Painting course.  This program emphasizes strengthening technical and creative skills and providing exposure to even more types of drawings and paintings that span different periods of art history from around the globe. All classes use examples from the Masters and other famous artists as a useful reference and starting point as students continue their creative journeys. Students only use acrylic on canvas in this class and it is best for ages 8 and older. 


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Competition Prep Class

Prep for Art Contests & Competitions: Drawing & Painting is a great opportunity for students to receive the guidance needed to make their work ready to enter various regional, national, and international art competitions! We have had numerous winners in the past 2 years.  Throughout this class, students will develop their own unique ideas for their chosen contest, will be challenged to refine their pieces, and must meet all the necessary guidelines and requirements in order to be accepted into each competition. Our instructors will also mentor students to establish time management skills and habits, in order to complete artworks within a given timeframe, to read contest rules carefully, and to make lists of what they need to make their work contest ready. Finally, they will learn how to properly format their work for presentation to the judges, as many contests often require framing, and instructors will give support for posting and filling out applications properly and on time. This class is designed for ages 5 and older. 


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3D Design Ceramics

Our 3D Art subjects are project-based programs where students get to flex their creative thinking muscles and take on fun design challenges. By exploring the creative process within a studio environment, students will advance their understanding of forms within space to a whole new level, identifying and building on their knowledge of visual components. Ceramics will focus on the three foundational techniques: coil, pinch, and slab.


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Digital Illustration using an iPad

Digital Art aims to introduce students to our Digital Illustration Program on an iPad, and the focus is on instructing students to use this specific medium to achieve a higher level of rendering and thinking. Students will concentrate on learning how to use a stylus to draw their work directly on the tablet. Unlike students in other classes that work with many different materials students in this class will only be working with an iPad for all parts of the painting process. Students in this class will be able to discover their own visual style and work on completing their artwork independently. This course will also cover the subject of traditional art and art history. Students are expected to present their completed projects after it is rendered according to the student's full capacity and skill in order to achieve a beautiful and completed painting. The teachers will guide each student to demonstrate effective use of color theory, value, rendering, and conceptual development as it translates to a digital platform.


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Foundation Drawing & Painting for Teens


Our Foundation Drawing & Painting Program for teens is a strong Foundation Program for beginner students regardless of age. In our art classes for teens, the Foundation Program exposes students to a great range of art history, famous historical artists, and art movements, as well as diverse cultural art from around the world.  In our teens’ art classes, the Foundation Program also introduces young beginner artists to all of the fundamental art skills and knowledge they will need to develop into strong artists, advance in their own skill sets, and move up into our Independent Studies Program. In our teens’ art classes, our Independent Studies Drawing & Painting Program allows students to explore their own ideas and creativity more by developing their own unique conceptual works of art through research, a deeper understanding of composition, material choices, and content development.

Within our Fine Art Programs, we offer many art classes for teens and areas of specialties that your young adult will be exposed to and explore, in addition to more subjects:

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Ceramics Sculpture
  • Digital Illustration
  • Portfolio Development
  • Jewelry Making & Design

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