The Artist Lab + Education believes that self-expression and understanding emotional intelligence through the arts is one of the highest forms of intrinsic intelligence that human beings and all children are capable of.  Thus, the educators in our Fine Art Programs are all practicing artists from all walks of life who are passionate about sharing their gifts, knowledge, and talents with future generations.


Developed from our highly refined Irvine fine art studio, The Artist Lab + Education specializes in Fine Art, from Drawing & Painting, Ceramic Sculpture, Sewing Art, Jewelry-Making & Design, Miniature Design, Paper Art, Wire Art, and Cardboard Construction. Within each specialty, we introduce and expose students to very unique and diverse forms of art mediums, such as tempera paint, watercolors, gauche, acrylics, oil paints, pastels, graphite, charcoal, ink and pen, color pencils, markers, low-fire clay, glazes, different ceramic tools, needle, and thread, felt, knitting yarn, fabric patterns & textiles, colored polymer molding clay, beads, metal crafts, cardboard, card-stock paper, foam board, wood, popsicle sticks, pipe-cleaners, hot-glue, and much, much more!  Each medium is crucial for students to unlock their potential, explore their creativity, develop their own interests, and to build a life-long passion for being an Artist and Learner in many different forms.


Our Drawing & Painting Program offers a strong Foundation Program for beginner students ages 5-8+ & Independent Studies style classes for advanced students ages 8-teens.  The Foundation Program exposes students to a great range of art history, famous historical artists and art movements, as well as diverse cultural art from around the world.  Our Foundation Program also introduces young beginner artists to all of the fundamental art skills and knowledge they will need to develop into strong artists, to advance in their own skill sets, and move up into our Independent Studies Program. Our Independent Studies Drawing & Painting Program allows students to explore their own ideas and creativity more by developing their own unique conceptual works of art through research, a deeper understanding of composition, material choices, and content development.


Within our Fine Art Programs, these are areas of specialties that your child will be exposed to and explore, in addition to more subjects:


  • Drawing & Painting
  • Ceramics Sculpture
  • Sewing Art
  • Paper Art & Cardboard Construction
  • Wire Art
  • Miniature Design
  • Jewelry Making & Design