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Fine Art Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Ages 3.5+)

“Every Child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

-Pablo Picasso

 The Artist Lab offers amazing Fine Art classes for kids and teens in Los Angeles and seasonal Summer & Winter Camps for children of all levels. We are located at 4282 Wilshire Blvd in Hancock Park near Larchmont and near HWY 10 and the Crenshaw exit. We have been open for 4 years and are a branch of the original Artist Lab in Irvine which was founded 12 years ago. Our Fine Arts classes are taught by professional instructors who have put their knowledge to the test, designing amazing creative and technical drawing lessons for each grade level! Young artists can learn Drawing & Painting, Ceramics, Competition Classes, Portfolio Development, Sewing Art, Digital Illustration, 3D Printing & Painting, Miniatures, and more. Our Fine Arts classes are designed to stimulate the imagination, enhance problem-solving skills, boost self-esteem, reduce stress, and create a lifelong love of art.  Please fill out a contact form or contact us directly to schedule a FREE Trial class to see if we are the right fit for your creative child today.  Advanced Trial Classes are $10 and Adult Trial Classes are $30. 

Why do kids need to study art?

Higher SAT Scores

According to, student who take 4 years of art score on average 150 points higher on the SAT than students who only took one half of a year or less.

30% more likely to graduate college

According to, Former students of the arts were 29% more likely than former non-arts students to have earned a four-year college degree by age 24-32. Each additional year of arts coursework was associated with a 12% increase in the likelihood that adolescents would eventually earn a four-year college degree

5 Times more likely to graduate high school

According to, students with high arts participation and low socioeconomic status have a 4 percent dropout rate—five times lower than their low socioeconomic status peers.

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Why our parents love The Artist Lab...

Our Weekly Course Offerings - 2 Hour Classes

Our starter class where students where they receive structured art lessons that offer great motor skills and cognitive development for young children.

A continuation of our fine arts class for students that have surpassed the level of our foundation class! This program emphasizes strengthening technical and creative skills and providing exposure to even more types of drawings and paintings that span different periods of art history from around the globe.

Fine Art Drawing and Painting Program is inspired by the Classical academy system, and adapted for the contemporary young artist!

The Young Masters drawing course is one that introduces students to the world of fine arts. Each lesson draws from famous artists’ styles, themes, and techniques to teach to our students. 

Our 3D Art subjects are project-based programs where students get to flex their creative thinking muscles and take on fun design challenges. By exploring the creative process within a studio environment,

During the first 45 minutes of class, students will learn how to use the Nomad App with the instructor to create fun and creative designs. The instructor will have a premed model as an example and will then walk the students through the steps to create their own model in Nomad.

Fine Art Drawing and Painting Program is inspired by the Classical academy system, and adapted for the contemporary young artist! 

The goal of the adult drawing and painting art classes is to master multiple advanced techniques using oil paint, such as composition, underpainting, blocking-in, building up textures, chiaroscuro, dry-brushing, glazing, grisaille, & triangulated drawing, from Master copies from the past and present. 

The Sketching Essentials Program will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to produce high-quality charcoal paintings. This course will teach you the basics of charcoal sketching.