The Artist Lab + Education in Los Angeles believes art is an innate expression within every young child.  We developed a strong Little Artist Program for young preschool-aged children where they receive structured art lessons that offer great motor-skills and cognitive development for young children.


Our Little Artist program is the first introduction to Fine Art and Creativity for children ages 3.5 to 5. We believe every child is an artist who can learn, explore, and grow creatively as their technical skills develop. Each student will be introduced to a diverse range of exciting projects that will teach them the very basics of learning fine art—such as understanding basic shapes, colors, texture, proportions/size, composition, and emotions through art.  They will also be introduced to fun topics that will help them understand and relate to their surrounding world, cultures, and environments.


Little Artists will be exposed to a blend of Drawing & Painting and 3D art.  Through exposure to different art mediums such as pencil, pen, markers, oil-pastel, tempera paint, watercolors, clay, and paper art, students will develop their fine motor skills, art techniques, and patience for the creative process, from start to completion. The program’s goal is to nurture each student’s sense of wonder and to advance their collaborative and social skills through play and making. Each class is a new and fun experience that helps to significantly increase their cognitive development and understandings through art!